Jehovah Natural Herbals

Jehovah Natural Herbals ( The Government Registered A Public Charitable Trust ) Has Been Functioning Since 1930. It Has Been Proudly Present To Super Maya Oils & herbal medicine. Which Is An Effective Joint Pain Relieving Oil Made Up Of Traditional Valuable Natural Herbals. Super Maya Products got the international certification. It also certified that GMP and ISO: 9001-2008. All the Super Maya products made up of International Certified Quality based. It Provides an Experienced Miracle And Fast Pain Relief Of Your Various Body Pains Such As Back Muscle Pain, Back Pain Lower Right Side, Back Pain Lower Left Side, Mid Back Pain, Pain In Lower Back Around Kidneys, Upper Back Pain Lungs, Lumbar Spine Problems, Cervical Spine Problems, Thoracic Spine Problems, Upper Spine Problems, Spine Disorders, Multiple Scoliosis, C Spine, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Arthritis And Cervical, Frozen Shoulder Tennis Elbow, Joint Pain, Spinal Bifida, Collar Bone, Hip Pain, Body Swelling, L1,L2, L3, L4, L5, Calf Pain , Thyroid Pains, Bulging Disk, Lumbar Vertebrae, Cervical Vertebrae, Thoracic Vertebrae, Ankle, Wrist, Sacral Vertebrae, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, Caudal, This Oil Helps To Give Good Sleep Without Taking Any Sleeping Tablets. Which Is Bringing Back The Normal Functionality Of Various Affected Body Parts Through The Process Of Improving The Amount Of Synovial Fluid Between The Joints. A Human Being Body Contains 206 Bones And 210 Joints. All These Joints Contain A Sticky And Fluid Matter Called Synovial Fluid. Due To The Stickiness And The Fluid State Of This Component, The Joints In Pure Body Work Efficiently. With The Older Age, Injuries, Wrong Postures Or Fatness This Fluid Starts To Diminish From The Joints. When This Component Is Less, There Is Not Smoothness In The Joints And The Bones Start To Run Against Each Other, Due To Which The Joints Start Paining. The Same Synovial Fluid When Present In Right Amount Protects The Body From Sudden Jerks, But In The Absence Of Which It Produces A Swelling In The Joint Capsule Or Even Leads To Extremely Hazardous Ailments Such As Arthritis. Super Maya Helps In Repairing Ill Joints Through Refilling Them With The Synovial Fluid That Get Lost With The Growing Age Or Injuries. It Brings Back The Normal Swiftness Of The Joints And Enables You To Work Properly. It Also Helps In Repairing The Damaged Tissues Of The Body As Well.


Super Maya Herbal Oil Doesn’t Have Any Side Effects. Super Maya Formula Is A Revolutionary Product For Joint Pains / Arthritis. It Increases The Blood Circulation Speeding The Recovery Of The Damaged Joints And Inflammatory Tissues Around The Joint. It Gives Strength To The Joints Which Got Weak Due To Ageing And Deficiency Of Calcium. Also, It Stimulates The Synovial Membranes For Better Synovial Fluid Production Providing Natural Lubrication Between The Joints. Due To The Stickiness And The Fluid State Of This Component, The Joints In Pure Body Work Efficiently. With The Older Age, Injuries, Wrong Postures Or Fatness This Fluid Starts To Diminish From The Joints.

What is Naturopathy

Naturopathy is based on the concept of treating the body with Panchamahabhutas that is Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether which forms the basic constituents of the body. These elements are used to revitalize and rejuvenate the body and strengthen the immune system against the disease causing agents present in the environment. This therapy utilizes the purificatory properties of various fruits, vegetable and herbal juices to clean the body of accumulated toxins which are a result of unhealthy life style. People enjoy the vitality and well-being that results from their positive lifestyle changes, and are motivated to continue this process throughout their lives. It attracts several thousands of patients from different parts of the country and has provided effective result to the patients.

Health Products

It also made some products are; pure honey, natural health mix, Chamba rice, Palm candy, Ginger coffee, Dhania coffee with ingredients of the purest quality only. We understand what we build today will last for generations.

Time Period

According to the patient's conditions, the treatments are continued for 7, 14, 21, and 28 days or more. The charges for the different types of treatments can be determined after a consultation with our doctors.

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